Monday, May 15, 2006

The Adventure Begins

(Composed while listening to Bela Fleck's "Turtle Rock"... just to set the mood...)
Why am I doing this? "Oh no, not another blog from Robert," I'm sure will cross some minds. But trust me here, there's a reason that this one has to be posted, aside from my usual tendency of needing a creative outlet for all of my (usually misspent) energy.
I want to share the sky. That's what this blog is all about.
Does that mean that there will be star charts and do-it-yourself tips and the like here? Probably. But more than anything else, I want this space to be where I share my experiences as an amateur astronomer and a wee, little human lost in this great, big cosmos.
I'll also be travelling a lot. Let me explain.
I plan on linking this page to my Platial spot. Platial allows you to make maps... all sorts of maps, of whatever you fancy. My goal is to occasionally set up my telescopes somewhere in Northeast Florida and share the heavens with any soul who wonders by, the very essence of sidewalk astronomy.
Why do it this way? Won't there be a problem with light pollution? What can you see from an urban setting? The answers to those questions are because I can, of course there will be and a lot more than you realize.
Come along and join me on this adventure! I'll even post my plans in advance, sound like a deal?
Let's go.


Trae said...
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Trae said...

Sorry, I deleted a post. My spelling was atrocious. Anyway, I will keep an eye on this page. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to keep track of you this way. :-)